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Our Balmaine X HM fashion Adventure


The new Balmain x H&M collection received a lot of hype surrounding its release November 5th. The collaboration made fashion history and coined the phrase “Balmainia” which became a thing on all major social media after seeing what happened in London when the Balmain x H&M collection was released Thursday on Regent Street.

Being the ‘fashionistas’ that we are, our Live Bold Style Crew were some of the first in line. We camped outside of H&M waiting 12 hours for the doors to open and made some great new friends along the way.


There were people from outside the state that traveled all the way to New York City just to wait in line for a CHANCE at getting the Balmaine piece of there dreams. Some people had been waiting in line for over 24 hours. One person even brought a recliner from home. Everyone had there own story for being there, and that one “piece” they just had to have. As for our Editor-in- Chief  Renee Smith, she wanted it all… and thats exactly what she got…


But before you go hating her guts, it was actually for a great cause. Almost all the pieces were sold on ebay and the proceeds went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Although we know Renee kept a few of her favorite pieces for herself ;)

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